Working in Switzerland

Are you planning on working in Switzerland due to the better career and pay prospects and the superior pension scheme?


In this case we've created a brief summary of the important points for you. It is either attached here or can be requested from us.


As a cross-border commuter you hardly have to deal with national insurance other than health insurance! German cross-border commuters generally have three options (for commuters from other EU countries apply the same opportunities if they live in Germany - commuters residing in other EU countries partly different rules apply):

Staying with a German Health Insurance provider (AOK, IHK, DAK, etc.) as a voluntary member

Generally the worst option, as you have to pay at least 18% of your income before tax for your premium. Which means with a high income you might have to pay up to 990 EUR per month. (Employers don't pay health insurance contributions in Switzerland!)

Staying with or switching to a private health insurance (PKV)

This can be a very good solution for some (especially younger people).

Switching to a Swiss/German cross-border commuter plan

This is the optimal solution for the majority of people, as you it allows combining the advantages of a Swiss basic plan with the advantages of an additional private insurance.

  • Legal cross-border commuter plan – KVG - (legal Swiss provider plus private German provider). Includes guarantee to return to German legal provider (or return to your statutory health insurance in your home country.)


Use the contact form to order a non-binding offer, perfectly tailored to your personal or your family's needs (asking is free and could possibly save you a lot of money!).


Even if you decide to move to Switzerland, we're the right partner for you. We can put together (in cooperation with the most renowned Swiss and German providers) a tailored, powerful and economic solution for you and your family, also in case you want to stay with the same doctors in Germany (or in your home country).


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